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Mexico Hammock Matrimonial (Large) multi



Large (Double)


Multi Coloured

Made in


Handwoven hammock.
The Matrimonial is a perfect size for people up to 190 cm or 2 persons. On the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) the Mayan developed a weaving technique that is similar to a technique used by the Indian tribes of the Amazon forest. These hammocks look like colourful fishing nets, with the difference that the net does not contain a single knot. This gives this hammock its high flexibility. Mexican hammocks are often made out of different colours. As these hammocks are hand crafted, you may notice slight variations in the colours and designs from the hammocks shown on this page. The Mexican hammocks are most comfortable when lying in them crossways. This way the weaving of the hammock can support you over the full body lenght. Because of its open woven structure the Mexican hammocks are more vulnerable then a closed woven hammock. Be careful with buttons and buckles, they can get caught behind the thread. The 'Matrimonial Especial' is made of a ticker thread and therefore must more sturdy. The Mexico Matrimonial hammock fits in all of our hammock stands

  • Width: 200 cm
  • Max. capacity: 250 kg
  • Hanging height: min. 180 cm
  • Hanging distance: min. 350 cm
  • Tension ropes: a lot
  • Material: 100% Cotton with nylon tension ropes
  • Warranty: 1 year (because of the vulnerability of this hammock the life span can differ from person to person. When properly used this hammock will last for many years.)
  • Model: Large
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3lbs


Aine Lawlor
5 of 5 Stars
I received this hammock within 24 hours. It is exactly like the one I was using during my holiday in Mexico. I'm very pleased with this purchase.


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