Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are not only suitable against mosquito's but also to keep any other type of insects at a desired distance. Mosquito nets can also function as a decorative aspect to the bedroom. Mosquito nets consist of a fine woven net were no mosquito's and other type of bugs can come through. In our assortment you can find different models of mosquito nets which are made of natural materials. A cotton mosquito net is the best option when you do not want to create any electro magnetic fields inside your bedroom. This can be the case with polyester and nylon mosquito nets.

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Mosquito Net 'Royal' for single bed

Mosquito Net 'Royal' for single bed

A quality mosquitonet for beds with a maximum length of 200cm and a width up to 120cm. This mosquito net has two openings and is made of extra strong and soft polyester. A mosquito net that is...
Mosquito Net 'Royal' for king size bed

Mosquito Net 'Royal' for king size bed

The 'Royal' mosquito nets can be attached to the ceiling on a single point above the bed. This size is suitable for double, queen- and king size beds. All king size ' Royal' mosquito...

Design of the mosquito net.
You might think a mosquito net is only available in one standard design, but less is true. At 'Marañon' you will find a diversity of mosquito net models that you can choose, from round shaped mosquito nets to more tight designs with straight lines. Our assortment contains mosquito nets for one person up to mosquito nets that will fit King size beds. Our mosquito nets are available in a variaty of sizes.

Suspending a mosquito net.
The mosquito nets can be suspended in different ways. They can be attached to a canopy bed, a ring or hook from the ceiling or 2 cords can be tightened between 2 walls with on one side a rope tensioner. This way a mosquito net can be attached to the cords. If you do not have a canopy bed and do not want to drill a hole in your ceiling or walls, we have an alternative mosquito net available. In this case you can purchase a mosquito net made of a pole contruction with special foots. The mosquito net can then also be placed around the bed. This type of mosquito net is ideal to take on a holiday and is easely foldable.

Mosquito net for a hammock
During summer its very enjoyable to laze around in your hammock outdoors, but not when you are being interrupted by those annoying little bugs. When you want to enjoy your day out in the hammock undisrupted a hammock mosquito net will keep the little buggers at a distance. In our assortment you will find a mosquito net for hammocks which is also easy transportable. The hammock mosquito net can be used for hammocks up to our L sizes and is available in the colour white. When looking for a solution to keep mosquito's and flies away when trying to enjoy a quiet moment in your hammock a hammock mosquito net is highly recommendable.